If your jewellery is precious, a valuation is recommended whether it be for insurance replacement, sales between parties, or second hand replacement value.

As a current member of the National Council of Jewellery Valuers (Registered Valuer N640),  you can be assured that I can service all your jewellery valuation requirements.  I adhere to the strict Code of Ethics and guidelines set out by this governing body, and together with my experience and knowledge, you can be sure that all valuations will be true and honest.

This is a comprehensive process that includes metal testing, gemstone identification, gemstone weight approximation and grading, and establishing the method of manufacture (eg handmade, cast, machined).

With your jewellery valuation, I will present you with a Valuation Report which includes valuation, a full description of the item, testing results and a colour photograph.

This will prove invaluable should your jewellery ever be stolen and recovered, as it provides clear proof of ownership.

However should it not be recovered, insurance companies look more favourably upon claims which are accompanied by a Valuation Report and your claim will be more accurately processed, ensuring that you are to receive accurate compensation for your loss. It also provides a comprehensive description that is essential should you ever wish to have the piece remade.

Please be wary of anyone who offers on-the-spot valuations.