Timelessness is to be admired.

The collecting of antique and vintage jewellery is also an aspect of my work. I collect for the enjoyment, to learn from history, to be inspired by designs from times gone by. Some pieces I transform to create something new, others are for sale or on display.

Heritage jewellery is a study of history. Of time, events, people, places and style. You discover a wealth of knowledge that has been retained within the metal and precious stones of an aged piece.

There is a certain value that comes with age, particularly with jewellery. Jewellery reflects the time from which it was created, (what materials were available, how stones were cut and which hallmarks were used) and preserves it well. 

Antique jewellery is quite unique and individual, the jewellery often has a meaning and function and as such tells a story about that particular time in history. Especially from times when jewellery was made, more often than not, specifically for one person. These selective pieces carry the characteristics of their original owners.

The jewellery has a heart and soul, they are not fabricated or factory made. The quality is high and the design is unique. That is why I collect. Heritage is important, it is special and it needs to be preserved for generations ahead of us.