I delight in creating unique pieces. Commission work is becoming an uncommon practice, I endeavour to continue to make individual pieces.   

To turn an idea, a thought, into a tangible item. Something that is yours and yours only. Something that has been made from an idea in your mind and with my help it will be translated into a new and highly personal piece of jewellery.

A gift of elegance and timeless beauty.

A ring made to fit your finger, engraved with a lovers name. A chain with a pendant that sits just where you want it to. A bangle set with your favourite stones. The ideas are endless.

Simplicity and originality. A personal treasure.

Commissions need not only be something new. Depending upon the piece of jewellery, I can transform it into something else, whether it be resizing, resetting or recreating, using only natural stones and high quality metals.

Please do not hesitate to contact me and we can discuss your ideas and designs.